I Keep Trying

I try to enjoy life to its fullest. Most people respect me and i respect them. Ive been miserable lately but people keep telling me ill pull through.

Jul 29

Gucci gucci, Louis Louis, Fendi Fendi, Prada


Them basic bitches wear that shit so I don’t even bother.

Jun 6

friends and family.

Completely different things never call a friend your sibling.

Jun 1
Love her so much. Be mine please.

Love her so much. Be mine please.

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Fobs these days

Mom: Everytime I see you you’re on facebook or just on the computer.

Me: You came to see me upstairs once this week. *Yeah shutup

Mom: *Leaves


Why do people make fun of people to make themselves look better. Doesn’t make sense to me..

cherishmyheart-deactivated20110 said: OR YOU CAN GET MIXSTYLE HEADPHONES.

hi greg (:

No. :D

May 31
Friday, then you&#8217;ll be mine &lt;3

Friday, then you’ll be mine <3

Sleep all day and Party all night

haha i fucking wish :p

b0wties-are-c00l said: <3 love you greg. feel better please (:

Thanks chelsss love youuu :)

leanhoney said: of course man anytime! if you need to talk or rant or bitch about anything, im just a msg away.

Haha kay thanks :D lmao will do :D

May 30

leanhoney said: dude, I havent seen you in a while how you feeling? don't be so down your too awesome of a guy to be sad! :)

Yeah hey. It has been a while. Ive been feeling better lately thanks :p

and thanks for caring :p


yeah i know you’ve heard it before. But im an asian kid who still gets shit for being asian. tbh i know you guys are joking but after a while it hurts.

Anonymous said: have you got over this crush or are you still thinking of what it could have been?

I have moments where I think about what couldve been but you could say i’m over it :D


Im guessing facebook is the new msn? haha no one goes on msn anymore :p

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